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5 lifehacks for a beautiful serving Christmas buffet

Added: 23-12-2019,
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Author: mark42,

New Year's table is no less important attribute of the holiday than home decorations, Christmas tree or gifts. And now we are not talking about dishes from which the holiday table will burst. We are about serving a New Year's table!

1. Choose two colors for your decor - white and red / green

The most popular colors of the New Year's table include red and green. Both colors blend perfectly with silver, gold and white decor. But all shades of blue - from turquoise to sapphire are also very relevant.

Now the so-called "rustic style" is gaining momentum, in this case linen tablecloths and brown, gray or beige napkins are used. Of course, everything should be in place and match the decor of the room or kitchen.

Tablecloths and napkins can be plain, with winter patterns or bright patterns. But here it is worth taking into account the dishes selected for the holiday. Do not overdo it with variegation and color.

Choose the shape and size of the tablecloth according to the shape of the table to be covered. On the rectangular tables, the tracks in the center look interesting, and for a round table, a tablecloth with thematic drawings on the hanging part is wonderfully suitable.

2. Get a set of always trendy white dishes

Win-win colors for plates are white and cream shades with borders of gold, silver or the main color of the table (red, green, etc.).

Glasses in advance refresh and rub to a shine. Decorate their leg with the simplest satin ribbon bow or rain, and the table will sparkle! In addition to the intended use, you can put candles in several glasses, put fresh spruce branches, small Christmas balls, cones and arrange them in several zones of the table for decoration. Also in large glasses or glass jars you can put and turn on a garland of ice bulbs. Simple and beautiful!

Cutlery also matters. The easiest option - silver or gold - can be found in every home!

3. Do not spend money on expensive decor; decorate the table with candles, spruce branches, tangerines

Decor is the most important nuance that will affect the perception of the table as a whole. Favorite and proven over the years - of course, candles, spruce branches and fruits.

Candles can stand in candelabra, candlesticks, as mentioned above - in glasses or on cuts of wood, if the table is decorated in a rustic style.

Glass transparent dishes (glasses, salad bowls, jars) - this is generally a paradise for visionaries! In it you can lay out whole compositions of cones, nuts, toys, Christmas trees, tinsel - you can list endlessly. If you wish, try to add fresh flowers or branches with bright berries to the table decoration. It is also very festive and elegant.

4. Prepare a compliment for guests

To add a drop of good mood to guests and loved ones, put a small compliment gift wrapped in colored or craft paper with a ribbon on each plate. And in a large glass you can put pieces of paper with wishes for guests. Everyone will get a random wish from the hostess and read aloud. Such pleasant little things set the mood for the holiday and create a cozy atmosphere.

Arbitrary balls and tangerines with twigs can be arranged on the table. And somewhere and lay out a whole composition of fresh fruits. If you have not yet decided on the color of the tablecloth, but look at the balls, buy silver or gold. They will fit everything.

Scented candles with an unobtrusive aroma will also be in place. For wide candles, you can make a "candlestick" of cinnamon sticks. Or drip on spruce branches of the essential oil of mandarin, lemon or other citrus.

5. Use the figures of the symbol of the year in the decor

In the center of the table you can put a funny figure in the form of "master of the year." And then he will be favorable to you all the coming year! The symbol of 2020 is the Rat. Do not forget that all the serving should be sustained in two or three colors that are in harmony with each other. And the most important thing you need to invest in design is a piece of your love and good mood! Happy Holidays!



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