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Prague fat

Added: 15-04-2020, Amount of views: 434, Author: mark42, Print
Category: Snacks

the Recipe is very tasty, incredibly flavorful Prague fats that will surprise You with its taste, speed and ease of preparation. This is a great zakuska meat for the festive table for Easter.




  • Step 1. Pork belly cut into pieces. RUB with salt, seasoning, pepper and garlic. Let stand for about an hour.

  • Step 2. Take plastic bags to insert one package to another and put them in the breast. From packages to remove air and tie them.

  • Step 3. Packages of bacon to put in a pot of cold water, cover the pan with a lid and put on fire.

  • Step 4. When the water boils, reduce heat so that water was boiling not much. Cook over low heat for 2 hours. Turn off the heat and leave to cool bacon in water in which boiled.

  • Step 5. When cool, remove the brisket from the package. Wrap in foil and put into the refrigerator to cool well at night.

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