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Preserved lemons in the winter

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Categories: Snacks, Preserving

the Recipe for a delicious preserved lemons that You haven't tried. It's spicy, pickled, self-starter or addition to Your meals.




  • Step 1. Lemons wash, cut off ends and cut lemon crosswise, nadarasa to the end.

  • Step 2. Uncover lemons. Inside, polytype 0.5 spoons of salt.

  • Step 3. Tightly pack the lemons in a sterilized jar, add 1 tablespoon of salt. Well flatten lemons with mortar to give the juice.

  • Step 4. Press the lemons as long as the juice does not fill the whole jar. If juice is not enough, separately, squeeze juice from lemons and pour into the jar.

  • Step 5. Tighten sterilized jar with a lid. Store 1 week at room temperature, and then refrigerate.

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