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Pumpkin. History and cooking methods

Added: 29-01-2020,
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Bottle gourd has been known for several millennia. She grew up in Europe and Asia, in China, Greece and Ancient Rome, vessels for wine and water were made from it. However, America is considered to be the birthplace of edible or food pumpkin. Used as a food product for more than three thousand years. Pumpkin seeds were found in the burials of the natives of the American continent. Perhaps the birthplace of the pumpkin was Africa, scientists found there a wild pumpkin. Be that as it may, this plant has spread throughout the world, and appeared in Russia. Since the sixteenth century, pumpkin has become a frequent guest of Russian cuisines. This is not surprising, because the plant is unpretentious and can grow almost everywhere, it is stored for a long time and tastes pleasant and healthy.

Today, ten varieties of edible pumpkin are known. In addition to the well-known orange, pumpkins are white, gray, yellow, green and even red. Sizes also vary from small (to kilograms) to gigantic thirty-five kilograms in weight. But, the most frequent guest of the kitchens is considered to be an orange pumpkin, weighing from four to eight kilograms.

Pumpkin is very useful, it contains many vitamins and minerals, improves digestion and metabolism, slows down aging, tones the body. It helps in the treatment of diseases of the internal organs (gall bladder, kidneys and liver). In addition, pumpkins can make refreshing and healing masks for the skin.

Dishes from pumpkin are simple to prepare, tasty and healthy. The dishes from this plant are on the menu of different countries. In America, this is pumpkin pie, in Asia, various desserts, spice lovers - Indians, also do not ignore this useful product.

Pumpkin is a great product for those who want to lose weight, but at the same time continue to eat deliciously. Pumpkin soup puree is perfect for this. In addition to the main ingredient, it includes carrots, garlic, ginger, vegetable oil and seasonings. In another version of the soup, bell peppers and tomatoes are added. Both options are effective because pumpkin is still the basis.

In addition, pumpkin is suitable for preparing many different dishes. Porridge is made from it, baked, stewed, prepared sauces, fried cutlets and crepes, fermented pumpkin and jam from it, baked a variety of rolls, pies, muffins and cakes. Candied pumpkin are good, they can be given any taste, for example, orange. By the way, the most popular pumpkin jam is also made with the addition of orange.



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