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What dishes to serve with various drinks

Added: 11-03-2020,
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Someone prefers to choose dishes for drinks, someone - alcohol for certain dishes. But in any case, they must emphasize each other's dignity and complement the different shades of taste and aroma, presenting them in the most winning light.

The first is usually served snacks. To the sharp you can offer cooled to 10 ° C vodka and tincture, to the sharp - cooled to 12-14 ° C strong wines (port, Madero, sherry); to light fish and seafood snacks - chilled to 12-14 ° C white table wines. To the ham, sausage, cold roast beef suitable red table wines, hot snacks - strong wines such as port wine (and both, and other room temperature).

As for hot dishes, the recommendations here will be as follows. The second hot dishes of poultry with white meat (chicken, turkey) and fish are served white dry and semi-dry wines, cooled to 10-14 ° C. For dishes from poultry and game also offer dry and semi-dry champagne, and for hot dishes from meat and game - red and dry wines, heated to 20-22 ° C. For dishes from vegetables and mushrooms - cool white semi-sweet table wines in the Rinew wine glasses, and for sweet dishes - cooled to 10-12 ° C dessert wines (Muscat, Cahors) in modern glasses.

Finally, sweet dishes and desserts are served at the end of the holiday. For ice cream and fruit, offer chilled champagne to 5-8 ° C, cognac to black coffee and liqueurs and creams to tea. Chocolate is best combined with strong "men's" drinks - such as cognacs, armagnacs, whiskeys (for example, Scottish) or fruit tinctures (calvados, strong drinks with the addition of prunes). But it is better not to serve sparkling wine to chocolate.

However, I must say that once and for all there are no set rules here.

Take cognac, for example. Experts say they don't bite it - of course, if it's good cognac. The French have always thought that this noble drink goes well with the three C's: chocolate (fr. Chocolat), coffee (fr. Cafe) and cigar (fr. Cigar). For some reason, it is customary for a brandy to have a slice of lemon, although its sharp taste and aroma dissonate the wonderful brandy palette. But the Americans went even further: they began to combine cognac with ... cola. And in the West it became fashionable to dilute it with water, tonic and even juice.

Special place in the festive menu is occupied by such strong drinks as whiskey, gin, liqueurs, rum, balms.

Whiskey is drunk from wide and low glasses with a thick bottom, filling them with a maximum of 1/3 and adding a piece of ice. However, it is often drunk and in its pure form, without cooling. Sometimes in whiskey is added to coffee, tea and other drinks. Unlike Scottish and Irish whiskey, American and Canadian whiskey is more suited to making different cocktails with the addition of syrups, lemon juice, cream, etc.

Gin, the main flavor of which juniper berries give, is drunk in pure form, chilled with either ice or tonic. Cocktails are prepared from gin mixed with liquor, fruit juice or cola.

Liquors are served in small quantities as an aperitif before eating or at the end of the holiday. They go well with strong drinks (vodka, gin, whiskey), as well as ice cream, cream, tea, coffee, citrus juices. Of course, any liqueur is a great component for cocktails.

Rum is best used for cocktails or served with juices, hot cocoa and tea.

Balsam is added to coffee, tea (1-2 teaspoons per cup of coffee and 3 teaspoons per cup of tea will be sufficient) and in very small quantities, for aroma - to cocktails.



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